What is the exact goal of this Campaign?

We are looking to bring the community together by meeting the needs of the community. We want everyone to know who and what SG Music is about. We are about reaching the lost and helping without bias views yet never compromising our heart.

Where do I pick-up the song?

You can pick-it up through the songs tab on this site. You can also go directly to iTunes, Amazon or Google Play

Who is allowed to be a sponsor?

Anyone can be a sponsor!

What do you expect from the Sponsor?

We ask that you promote our campaign on your site or any other avenues you feel would help get the word out. We also ask that you consider offering your own incentive to help get the community involved!

Why pick-up the song? What do I gain?

You receive a few things…First, you get a great song! Secondly, upon submitting to the Submit To Win tab, you receive an entry to win 2 Free First Class Plane Tickets that will take you up to a selected destination anywhere in the world that the airline fly’s! Finally, just from picking up the song for practically a buck, you help to make a legitimate #Impact in your community without ever having to leave your home! You get to help change a life/lives for the better! Also, everytime you #SGMUSICIMPACT, you receive additional free entries for the 1st Class Ticket Prize! Additionally, there are local city prizes that are being given out in some communities as well just for picking up the song “Holding On” in an effort to help make a #Impact in your city! So spread the word!

How long is this campaign going to run?

Currently, we have this campaign running until November of 2016. We are considering having this go as a continual annual cause.

How do I win the 2 Free First Class Plane Ticket Prize?

You must buy the song “Holding On” for $.99 (cents) Then you must click on “Submit to Win” in order to be entered to win the tickets. You must show proof that you purchased the song at the time of the drawing. You can use your online receipt purchase if you’d like.

You can also receive additional Free Entries (after you’ve bought “Holding On”) just buy talking about the song “Holding On” and the campaign “Operation Impact” as long as you #SGMUSICIMPACT every time on your social media outlets.

How do you find the needs of the community?

We look for people and businesses to reach out to us through this site www.sgmusic.us and tell us of what is happening in your community and how you’d like us to help. You can do this through the “Submit to Win” tab. Once we receive the request, through careful prayer, fasting and investigation to ensure that the needs are legit, we will look to distribute the funds accordingly and help to address and hopefully meet the needs in full in the appropriate timely fashion.

What type of needs will you consider?

We never turn anyone away. If there is a need or help, we will consider it. All consideration goes towards honest and wholesome needs…family can’t pay their bills? Veteran on the streets? Hospital trying to build a room/location? Feeding the poor? Honest cause needing help? We look to make a real impact in your community!

We cannot consider request that promote filth or anything that we would consider to be opposite of what our goal is in reaching needs in the community whether it be a business or family related.