Who is Sean Guerrero Music and what is his purpose?

Sean Guerrero music is a nationally known artist who is making headway across the globe with his positive, influential message of hope. On his first released single “walls,” produced in Nashville, tn with award dove winning producer Dave Moody, he campaigned hope on warnings against suicide where he saw countless lives changed. His 2nd single “Waiting For You” (reached #2 on music charts) received national attention as Sean Guerrero gave all proceeds from the song to selected families with heart disease. He is now launching a new campaign titled “operation impact” through his new song, hit single “Holding On” (which debuted at #3 on music charts) that is stretching out to communities in cities all across the USA. His goal is to help bring people in their cities together, through support of one another and the needs of their city that will help shape lives and their surroundings for the better. We are looking to partner with a sponsor who will stand with us and help with making an #impact in surrounding communities and lives.

How far is the reach for promotion and publicity?

Through various national TV, radio and press networks already prepared to receive Sean Guerrero music and his cause, SG Music is going to be giving a strong awareness of who and what he is about, where he is going and who is standing with him in support of making significant impacts in communities across the country. Sean has already performed at numerous celebrity events, red carpet premiers and been interviewed on national and international media affiliates, including ABC, Fox, Cumulus radio and K-Love radio, who are welcoming him back to launch his campaign. The reach will be a national movement that will give exposure to all who join on his team and his cause.

How does the community get involved?

Sean’s song “Holding On” is available anywhere music is sold online (iTunes, amazon, google, etc.).the launch campaign will be publicized through local and national press, media networks and outlets, as well as social media and will include information on how communities can get involved. People within each city across the USA will be directed to www.sgmusic.us in order to respond to this campaign by suggesting known areas of need in their community. Whether this be helping to build a hospital, a school, taking veterans off the street, feeding the homeless, rebuilding a neighborhood or other areas of concern…all wholesome type situations will be evaluated, researched and investigated to ensure the need is honest, fair and balanced. SG Music team will then be carefully given to prayer, fasting, research and communication in deciding where the funding will be given based on the greatest need in helping to make an #impact in the lives of the selected cities.

How will this work?

First, each person in the community is able to make an impact by purchasing the single “holding on” online for $1. Sean Guerrero music will be giving $.60 of every $1 back into the need selected in their city for assistance. Each city will have its own fund.

For example:

1). 5,000 units of the song “holding on” are purchased in the city of Detroit, mi... 

A). $3,000 will be going to the selected need of the city Detroit, mi --

  2). 10,000 units of the song “holding on” are purchased in the city of Atlanta, GA...

      b). $6,000 will be going to the selected need of the city of Atlanta, GA --

Secondly, we will be offering 1 selected random winner out of everyone who has supported the campaign through the purchase of the song “holding on” 2 free first class tickets to a selected destination. Finally, SG Music will also be looking to do a special prize package for a selected winner in each city as an additional incentive to get involved.

Interested in being a sponsor?

We welcome anyone who is interested in being a sponsor of this campaign. Are you interested in contributing your own gift/reward as an incentive towards a selected winner in your city? This would be for their support of your community needs. Necessary? No. Option, yes...yours. Maybe you just want to say you're apart! Either way, we only ask that you help us promote the cause by spreading the word through your networks to help get the word out to your community however big or small - it all matters, every life! We welcome you!!! 

What does the sponsor gain?

For the sponsor will be gaining daily public exposure, including plug-ins on national & local media outlets (i.e. TV, radio, articles, magazines, etc.). This exposure will highlight the integrity of the sponsors in how far they are willing to go in an effort to make an impact in numerous communities. This is certain to leave a long-lasting impression, which in-turn will cause people to want to use the sponsors’ goods and/or services as they join Sean Guerrero music in the effort to make an #impact.

In addition to the launch campaign, talks are under way to develop this effort as a television series, which would create maximum exposure for the campaign itself, for Sean Guerrero music and for our sponsor.

So, why use incentives as the tool?

Well, can people just go to the community need and donate themselves? Sure, but will they? The answer is not often and nowhere near enough. People look for incentives to care more often than not as we live in a greedy world and usually look for fast food service. Sean Guerrero Music is here to give them an incentive that is easy, quick and even gainful for them as well as a “thank you” for caring and for the support. People will have an opportunity to make an impact in the needs of their community, win a national airline package and/or the local city prize without ever having to leave their home, just by picking up a song.

People will have an opportunity to make an impact in the needs of their community,
win a national airline package and/or the local city prize without ever having to leave their home,
 just by picking up a song.